Tumblr Founder Burns Twitter, Calls The Site’s Policies ‘Really Gross’

Grab your six-shooter, it’s an internet showdown. Tumblr founder David Karp recently described Twitter displaying users’ follower numbers as “really gross” at the Cannes Lions festival. Karp made took the potshot during a conference where he explained how users and advertisers can launch successful campaigns on Tumblr.

According to The Guardian, Karp told the audience:

“We don’t share stats, so your follower counts, your performance isn’t published to the world. You can make little bets and try something small and experimental and not feel any sense of shame if you have only 2,000 followers that sort of thing, which I always think is really gross.”


Karp also channeled his inner flower child at the conference explaining that users shouldn’t feel any pressure “… to be a constant presence and always on.” This, of course, is the antithesis to “internet relevancy 101,” which essentially demands users must constantly be tweeting, posting and blogging.

The Tumblr founder subscribes to a different method and suggested that, “You don’t need to sweat it that much. Keep it small and focused.” By doing so, Karp explained, users can create something “beautiful” on Tumblr.

There has been no word from Twitter cofounder Biz Stone about the dig. But, I think we can all agree, the best-case scenario would be for this to end in a Silicon Valley Royal Rumble.


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