Twitter Opens Analytics Data To All Users


Twitter users can see how their accounts are faring by using the microblogging site’s analytics tools, which were quietly released to the public earlier this week.

The new analytics features lets users access detailed data of the people and brands that follow them as well as monitor the performance of their latest tweets. Twitter users can get that information by signing in to the Twitter Ads Dashboard and clicking on the “Analytics” tab on the top left corner.

Twitter users can find out how many retweets, faves and replies their tweets have gotten in the past six months as well as filter the results to find out which tweets were most effective in those collective areas. They can also find out how many mentions, follows and unfollows they’ve had in the past month by looking at the Timeline activity on top of the “Analytics” page. Users can download the Twitter analytics as a CSV file for later use.

Buying sponsored tweets or ads is not necessary to use the service, which was previously made available for companies that paid to have their tweets tailored to a specific audience.

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