Tyler Oakley: Growing The LGBT YouTube Community and Supporting The Trevor Project [#ProudtoLove YouTube Series]

What were your feelings when you heard about the DOMA/Prop 8 rulings?

I was overseas in the UK, and it was crazy! I felt so overwhelmed with emotion, and everyone I was with in the UK didn’t understand the importance of the rulings. It was insane to be surrounded by so many people who simply said, “Well, yeah, duh?” and explaining to them the reality of what it’s like at home.

What do these rulings and more accepting attitudes towards LGBT people say about our society today?

Change is coming, whether people are ready for it or not.

What’s next for LGBT people, especially on YouTube?

I hope we see more LGBT people, from all walks of life, come forward to bring their perspectives on YouTube. I love that as the years go on, we’re seeing more and more people showing who they are, unapologetically. The more people, the better — simply more opportunities for youth to find someone they relate to!

Tyler Oakley | Vlogger, Personality

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Tyler Oakley 12 Tyler Oakley | Vlogger, Personality

You’ve been vlogging for many years now — how have you changed as a person since vlogging back in your dorm in Michigan and now living here?

I feel like I’ve grown up and I’m like not even barely done with growing up, so I don’t know. So I can go back and watch videos from 2007, 2008, and I’m like, “Who is this child talking into a camera?” It is really interesting because I’m a completely different person now, and every video I’m completely different and I’m 100 percent okay with that, and it’s really interesting especially because a lot of people are like — they’ll say to their favorite YouTubers — “Oh you’ve changed,” or “The style of videos you make has changed,” or “You’re so different now,” or “I wish you would make this type of video that you used to make back in the day,” but it’s like I feel like that’s doing a disservice giving them the chance to be human and giving them the chance to grow and evolve and find themselves and be themselves and always keep growing. And I’m really fortunate — I feel that my audience is like go with the flow. Whatever I put up they’ll be like, “Okay I’ll work with this!” So if I’m just rapping Nicki Minaj they’ll be like, “Yes, I 100 percent get that,” or if I’m like talking about my day they’re like okay, or if I’m talking about One Direction they’re like okay, so anything that I do I feel like my people are very supportive of. But yeah, I’ve changed; every video is a brand new me, and I feel like my people appreciate that just as much as I do.

Top five YouTubers for you.

Top five YouTubers — that’s rude. I’m going to exclude people. Like all-time top five, Glozell has to be one of them. She is just iconic. Daily Grace is iconic to me. What the Buck is a huge inspiration to me, one of the hardest working just killing it. Who else do I love? Jack and Finn I love. I don’t want to say anybody else because then I’m excluding everyone else. Kingsley, Miles Jai — I am saying more than five — Mamrie, Hannah Hart, the Vlog Brothers. I’m a fan of everybody just as much as people might be a fan of me. Like when my favorite YouTubers post a new video I have to drop everything and watch, so that’s very much a part of me and I can’t pick five. I love everyone.

If you weren’t doing YouTube videos and having this career on YouTube, what would you be doing?

If I weren’t doing YouTube I would probably … I went to school to be — well, first a teacher, and I had to tutor somebody and I did not have the patience for that. And then I changed my major to communication and I was going to do communication for PR firms, stuff like that, so I had a PR internship and I did not like that, so I don’t know what I would be doing. Back in the day I interviewed to work at Google, and I had like five interviews and they said no, and I cried and cried and cried. And I’m so thankful that I didn’t get it now because had I done that my life would have been completely different, so I’m really thankful that a lot of the jobs I applied for back in the day never really panned out or the ones that I did, I ended up not liking, because it lead me on to try to do full-time YouTube, and now that’s what I get to do so it all worked out.

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