Viral Photo Captures Bride Clinging To Father’s Gravestone On Wedding Day


After unexpectedly losing her father in 2011, bride Paige Eding knew she wanted to incorporate his memory into her upcoming wedding. Married this month to Kevin Eding, Paige originally planned to hold a moment of silence for her father but come the day of the wedding, she asked her wedding photographer Kari Wieringa if they could stop by the cemetery before the ceremony.

Upon arriving at the cemetery, Paige’s family members hung back while Wieringa approached 20 feet behind the bride. “It all seemed pretty normal, she looked fine, and so we’re standing there and I’m ready to take pictures, and she just fell,” photographer Kari Wieringa said to The Huffington Post.

“It was a moment of longing and wishing for him. I was so sad that he wasn’t there physically … but I was also joyous … Through my family, he still lives inside of each one of us,” Paige told The The Huffington Post. Following her cemetery visit, Paige was escorted down the aisle by her grandfather and later that day married the love of her life, whom she said her father would have approved of.

“Kevin and my dad, they’re so alike. When’s the sun’s not shining they’ll be your sun. It’s a quality that I love to remember in my dad and that I’m so lucky to have in my husband,” Paige said.

Overwhelmed by the emotion captured in the father-daughter photo, Wieringa asked Paige if she could share the photo on her company’s Facebook page. Since its upload just two weeks ago, the photo has gone viral with nearly 720,000 likes and has been shared over 35,000 times on Facebook.

“I wanted to share it because it was so moving, and that’s the type of photography I really love,” commented Wieringa. “I think it’s because I lost my mom, I really crave those images of watching my mom interact with me or my brother.”

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