Viral Twitter ‘Feminist Taylor Swift’ Mashes Up Swift’s Lyrics And Feminist Messages

Twitter has a new superwoman this week, and she is taking names and kicking ass. The Twitter account Feminist Taylor Swift combines Swift’s song lyrics with feminist messages concerning equal pay, gender, slut shaming and more. The creator of the Twitter, Brown University senior Clara Beyer, stated in an interview with Buzzfeed: “I consider myself a feminist, and I blog about that kind of thing all the time, but I also LOVE Taylor Swift. Being a feminist Taylor Swift fan isn’t always easy, but it led to @Feminist Taylor Swift, so I’m not really complaining.”

Feminist Taylor Swift now joins many other feminist movements looking to engage women through social media. Recently Tumblrs such as “Boys Club” and “Said to Lady Journos” collected stories of individuals who had experienced instances of sexism in their workplace. Beyer’s goal is to have Swift herself retweet on of their lyrics but until then, Feminist Taylor Swift will keep good company with the world’s handsomest man Feminist Ryan Gosling.

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