‘What Kind of Asian Are You’ Actors Read Racist Comments in New Ken Tanaka Video

Ken Tanaka’s video “What Kind of Asian Are You?” went viral with more than 4 million views since its debut during YouTube’s Comedy Week. As with any video that delves into the controversial subject of stereotypes and race, it has its fair share of trolls, many of them using racial slurs and comments towards certain ethnic groups.

In response to the vitriolic comments made on the “What Kind of Asian Are You?” video, Tanaka asked the two main actors in the video — Stella Choe and Scott Beehner — to read the comments.

Tanaka explained his response video to NMR: “We were surprised to find that some caucasian commenters seemed to be offended by the video and found it to be ‘racist towards caucasian people.’  A lot of the comments seemed to miss the point of the situation the video was describing. These kinds of comments end up highlighting the actual issue that the original video was taking on so we thought it would be fun to have the actors do a dramatic reading of them.  Some people seem to think this new video is more entertaining than the original.”

See Choe and Beehner read the most outrageous comments from Tanaka’s viral video above and check out the outtakes from “What Kind of Asian Are You?” below.

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