Whiskey-Swilling Crime Fighters ‘Scottish Ninjas’ Animated Series Return For Season 2

The most famous haggis-eating, whiskey-swilling, crime-fighting team on YouTube is back for another season. “Scottish Ninjas” season two will premiere next Saturday. The second season will mark the return of Aidan, Lachlan, Finn and their mentor, the Drunken Master. as they fight crime in America.

Co-creator Rob Mullin explained the premise of season two to NMR: “We’re pushing some of the characters into much darker and even twisted places. Everyone has a good sense of who they are and what they do, so we thought it would be a good time to explore that a little further. We’re going to learn more about philosophy and practice of Kilt-Fu … but in a funny way.”

His creative partner Beau Obremski said that the animation is better than the first season and in terms of writing, will delve into more topical issues: “In terms of writing, we wanted to add more edge to the comedy and more social commentary/satire to the story, which is why season two tackles some current hot topic issues. However it’s all played very tongue and cheek so hopefully no one is too offended. But that is the price of edgy humor! Whenever we wonder if we took something too far, we just watch an episode of ‘South Park’ and realize we can take things further.”

See the trailer for the second season of “Scottish Ninjas” in the video above, and for more info about “Scottish Ninjas,” read the interview here.

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