YOMYOMF Brings Race Satire Play ‘Yellow Face’ To YouTube [VIDEO]

The YOMYOMF channel released their adaptation of the 2007 David Henry Hwang play “Yellow Face” on YouTube last weekend.

The semi-autobiographical play focuses on the topic of race and how media and politics respond to racial issues. The play begins with David Henry Hwang (portrayed by Ryun Yu) expressing his disappointment when the musical “Miss Saigon” comes to Broadway because of a white actor portraying an Asian character.

As the play progresses, Hwang accidentally casts Marcus, a white actor portrayed by USA Network’s “Covert Affairs” star Christopher Gorham, in an Asian role for his play within the play called “Face Value.” However, producers have already spent $2 million on the play, which prompts Hwang to cover up his mistake by insisting that Marcus does have Asian blood.

Jeff Liu, who directed the YouTube version of “Yellow Face,” told the Los Angeles Times that the play’s structure made it easier to adapt for YouTube: “There’s a lot of direct address to the audience in the play. So we’ve turned those moments into a kind of online video diary.”

YOMYOMF is better known as a collaborative channel featuring YouTube superstars Ryan Higa, KevJumba and Chester See and shows like “Internet Icon” and “Always You.”

You can watch part 1 of “Yellow Face” in the video above and part 2 in the video below.

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