Your YouTube Channel in 15 Seconds: 3 Reasons Why Creators Should Use Instagram Video/Vine

Several YouTubers have recently jumped into the Vine and Instagram Video game by posting short clips of themselves cracking jokes or just playing around with the relatively new platform. You’re probably wondering why a 15-second video on an app matters when you’re focused on getting more viewers to your YouTube channel — look at these apps as a playful, short way to showcase your talents outside of your bread and butter.

Basically, your Instagram Video and/or Vine account should be seen as an extension of your YouTube channel. It should be used as a way to bring short, snappy content to fans that are also looking at food photos and selfies to kill time. Here are three reasons why YouTubers should use Instagram Video or Vine:

1. Gives Viewers Content In Between YouTube Uploads


Your presence shouldn’t be limited to the days your videos go live on your YouTube channel. Think of the days between uploads as a good way to showcase short content to your fans. Whether it’s a 15-second opinion about video games or a 6-second reaction to a fellow YouTuber’s video, your Instagram/Vine account is a way to keep your fans updated about what’s going on on your channel and as a preview of future content …

2. Should Be a Preview of Coming Attractions


Another way of using your Instagram/Vine account to your advantage is to make it like a trailer for your next video. It could be as simple as telling your fans to check out your video when it goes live on your upload day or a carefully-edited snippet of your latest skit. Shared on your social media networks, the Instagram/Vine clips serve as a more visual (and less costly) reminder to your fans to watch your channel.

3. It Challenges Your Creativity


You know how to make a five-minute funny vlog about your thoughts on the latest Facebook updates, but can you make a 15-second skit that’s funny and likeable? Look at your Instagram/Vine as a way to challenge your creativity. The time constraints with the apps and the high volume of Instagram videos and Vines force creators to find ways to film and edit their clips in a way that work well with audiences’ short attention spans. If you can find a way to make people share your very short clips, you’ll also be more likely to get people interested in your five-minute videos.

Whether you think Instagram or Vine is the best choice is up to you.

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