You’re Out, Lil Bub! Iowa’s Fluffy Cows Are The New Cutest Animals On The Internet


As Agnes from “Despicable Me” once said, “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!”

Last month, photos of a bull named Texas Tornado — later known to the internet as a “fluffy cow” — went viral on Reddit, spurring the creation of the Twitter hashtag #fluffycows and people’s craze to find and photograph the show cows.

After finding photos of their bull trending online, Texas Tornado’s owners Phil and Matt Lautner decided to use their livestock’s fame as a platform to educate others about the state of the beef industry. Matt Lautner stated to the Des Moines Register: “I decided to have a question and answer session on Reddit where folks could ask me questions about the beef cattle industry. I’m really enjoying answering questions on everything from feed and nutrition of cattle, to grooming the hair for shows, to the families who manage these animals, to the beef that we enjoy on the grill during these summer months.”


In early June, Lautner created the Facebook page Fluffy Cows R Us, which has since garnered close to 18,000 likes. On the Facebook page, Lautner reminds people that these cows are not pets. Hoping to spur conversation, he created the graphics “Identifying Beef By-Products” and “Cuts of Beef Diagram” to show all the meat and items that cow parts are used for. “I’ll admit, I cringe a little bit when I hear someone comparing these cattle to teddy bears,” stated Lautner to the Daily Press. “I do worry that folks will get the wrong idea that these cattle are pets, not livestock.”

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