YouTube And The Young Turks Throw The Best PRIDE Party On Earth [GALLERY]

YouTube & TYTNetwork PRIDE Party

Within the industrial hangar that is now the appropriated YouTube Creator Space L.A., The Young Turks and YouTube joined forces to celebrate Pride last evening. Kicking off with a live recording session of Dave Rubin’s “The Rubin Report,” The Young Turks and YouTube PRIDE party assembled the best and brightest both on and off YouTube to put on the Ritz, cut a rug and generally party down.

Rubin spoke about the success of last night’s event to NMR saying:

“The show and party were a great way of highlighting people and a community who are finally getting their chance to shine. It’s incredible how passionate and vibrant the YouTube community is, so to be able to tap into that by talking about relevant issues while also making people laugh is really fantastic.”

YouTube’s No. 1 news provider The Young Turks were in full force as COO Steven Oh explained: “It was a great night for LGB-TYT! Last night was a beautiful mosaic of people from all backgrounds, races, and orientations getting together to celebrate a truly historic moment for the advancement of human rights. I am so proud that TYT was able to share in the moment.”

You can check out photos from the TYT YouTube PRIDE party below.

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