YouTube Rolls Out New ‘One Channel’ Design To All Its Channels


Google is finally rolling out the new YouTube “One Channel” layout to all its users today, a few months after opening it up to selected content creators.

YouTube introduced the “One Channel” design in February as a way to simplify and unify the look of the video-streaming site across all channels. Some of the new features in the design include channel art akin to Facebook’s cover image, space for a trailer where content creators can introduce new viewers and encourage their fans to subscribe, and sections where content creators can categorize their videos and playlists.

The video-streaming site touted on their blog how the new design has increased subscriptions and channel page visits since they introduced it to selected content creators back in February: “Channels with the One Channel design have seen a significant increase in visits to their channel page because clicks from the guide always go directly to the channel.”

Although some high-profile channels have not switched to the “One Channel” design as of this writing, YouTube is expected to permanently convert all channels to the format by the end of today.

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