YouTube Triples Mobile Advertising Sales Over Six-Month Period


YouTube has tripled its advertising sales from mobile viewing in the past six months, parent company Google announced Wednesday.

Advertising on mobile devices contributed around $350 million in revenue for the video-sharing website’s mobile platform, which now make up around a quarter of the one billion unique visitors each month. Right now, more than 1 billion views each day on YouTube come from mobile platforms. That’s a great leap from the 100 million daily mobile views that YouTube had in 2010, the Guardian reported.

Lucas Watson, vice president of sales at YouTube, told Bloomberg: “The commercial business has exploded. It’s a huge part of our business, and we know that’s where it’s headed.”

The Guardian reported that YouTube’s rapid growth in mobile advertising sales came when YouTube developed its own app for Apple’s IOS devices last fall. Since they could now run ads on their own app when they couldn’t on Apple’s own YouTube app, this likely boosted YouTube’s advertising sales.

A Nielsen report in March pointed out that more than half of smartphone users had access to the YouTube app available for download for IOS devices and built-in for Android devices. Like its desktop counterpart, it pre-rolls ads before videos. However, Forrester Research, Inc. analyst Julie Ask said that companies have to find ways of engaging mobile consumers through compelling ad content.

She told Bloomberg: “People have less patience on the phone; consumers have become more task-oriented. The ads have to be entertaining and there’s a higher bar to some extent.”

Still, many analysts predict that YouTube will maintain its growth, with Morgan Stanley predicting that YouTube could contribute as much as $20 billion in revenue for Google in 2020.

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