YouTuber Qaadir Howard To Perform First Live Stand-Up Comedy Routine June 26

Timayans assemble!

YouTuber Qaadir Howard has just announced that this Wednesday night, he will be performing his first stand-up comedy routine at The Laughing Skull in Atlanta. Having just moved back to Atlanta after spending a year in Los Angeles working solely on his YouTube channel, Qaadir is now testing the comedy waters to see if it is “great or whether it is a hot pickle.” Having been encouraged to try comedy throughout his life, Qaadir tells NMR that he is now finally ready to try his hand professionally at something that has always felt so natural. “I’ve always had it in me,” says Qaadir. “Now at 24, I’m like, I’ve tried all the different avenues and the one thing I’ve been hiding is really my strongest suit.”

While Qaadir has previously done live shows on his YouTube channel, he is excited to be able to see the faces of his audience. “I’ve done live shows before,” states Qaadir. “It is what I’ve been doing only now I actually get to see the faces of who I’m talking to. My view is, I’m doing the same thing I’ve always done but with an extra layer. Now I can actually see them.”

“As a performer, there are definitely some nerves but not the kind of nerves that paralyze me. To me, it is more of a thrill than a fear, and I’m going to get up and do what I do. Once I get that first laugh, once I know what is going on, then I’m ham and cheese.”

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