ZEFR’s BrandID Analytics Platform to Make YouTube Better for Brands


ZEFR announced that Procter & Gamble brands Covergirl and Pantene have signed up to be the first brands to try out their new BrandID platform.

The BrandID platform is supposed to help brands find their most engaged fans and provide insight into how those fans are responding to their YouTube campaigns in three ways: Brands can monitor their campaigns by pulling data that keeps track of a promotions’ effectiveness throughout the brand’s fanbase; they can also single out their biggest fans, collaborate with them and see what other videos they are watching to create a campaign around the brand; lastly, the platform gives brands data on what’s happening on YouTube in their category as well as find out how their competitors are doing.

Tae Lee, head of operations at ZEFR, told NMR that they are showcasing the technology to the public at the Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity next week in France. He said that unlike other competing platforms, BrandID actively helps brands track organic content related to their campaigns such as user-generated videos so that they can effectively understand their fanbase.

An example he used was Covergirl, where more than 99 percent of the content on YouTube related to the brand is user-generated and less than one percent of the video are actually from Covergirl.

He said: “The jaw-dropping moment is no one company that does this, no other company actively tracks fan uploads, which means that any company out there just getting analytics on uploads [by the brands themselves] are getting very bad data. You’re only talking to people that you’re paying to watch these commercials. You’re not having an organic back and forth, and you’re looking at a very small sample set, and you’re missing 99 percent of the views out there.”

Formerly known as MovieClips, ZEFR is a digital network that works with movie studios, music labels and TV networks to identify their biggest fans to help them understand how their fans can support their campaigns and how to monetize their content. They developed the content identification technology called Inception which powers the BrandID platform.

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