117 Degrees of Misery: Vet Sits In Hot Car To Simulate A Dog’s Torture [VIDEO]

Two realizations form in my head upon watching this video of a vet sitting in a hot car for half an hour to simulate the conditions a pet undergoes when you leave them in your Subaru (to go shopping for Chia seeds and gluten-free bread, no doubt): the first is that, wow, it really is miserable for animals inside what amounts to a metal coffin. The other is that this vet has destroyed a valuable forum for discussion by disallowing comments — I wonder why that is?

This video, posted exactly a year ago yesterday, is now mysteriously trending hard on YouTube after the vet sits in a vehicle “with the windows cracked” (so much for that theory) showing that in just 30 minutes, a 94 degree day turns a car into a 117 degree sweatlodge. Just imagine how miserable it is for pets when the temperature outside starts in the triple digits already … or worse are those people who leave their kids in the car to run into the store for “just a second.”

By disallowing comments, sure Dr. Ernie Ward is preventing trolls, but what he’s really doing is shutting down alternative discussion on what is clearly a very hot topic. Probably there’s nothing that can be said that combats his viewpoint, but why not give people the chance?

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