12 Strips of Bacon: Epic Meal Time Star In New Commercial For Life-Ending Fast Food Chain’s Super Bacon Burger

What’s blowing my mind is that no other fast food franchise tried this sooner — Carl’s Jr., or Hardee’s as it’s known in some places, have recruited none other than Harley Morenstein and Muscles Glasses of Epic Meal Time.

Apparently, Carl Jr. decided that two or three strips of bacon wasn’t enough for his burgers, and thus the “Super Bacon Cheeseburger” was born. As these things happen, CJ’s needed a few spokespeople, and who better than the reigning champions of bacon, Epic Meal Time?

In a new commercial (above), Harley and Muscles Glasses, well, eat bacon. Please note the insanely crisp-lettuce-sound that bacon makes when consumed — horrifying.

Carl’s Jr. Chief Marketing Officer Brad Haley spoke about the stirring, generation-spanning timeless quality of the ad saying, “The spot does a perfect job getting across our message that the Super Bacon Cheeseburger has a lot of bacon on it or, as the ad states, ‘bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon.’” Oh boy.

If you are so inclined or suicidal, you can now order the cheeseburger under its “Epic” setting, which adds six more strips of bacon to it. If you are keeping score at home, that’s 12 strips of bacon.

There you have it internet, Epic Meal Time getting paid and bacon being eaten; it’s how Canada Day was meant to be celebrated.


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