12-Year-Old Egyptian Boy Explains Current State of His Country in Viral Video

Long before last week’s large-scale protests in Egypt that led to a military coup that ousted President Mohamed Morsi, a reporter asked a 12-year-old boy back in October why he was protesting against Morsi. The boy said that he was protesting against Egypt “becoming a commodity owned by person” and against religious extremism in the government.

The boy’s epic answer has become a viral sensation in the past few weeks as Egyptians went to the streets to demand the ouster of Morsi. It has since reached more than 776,000 views.

When asked by the reporter about how he became so passionate about politics, the boy said: “I listen to people a lot, and I use my own brain. Plus, I read newspapers, watch TV and search the internet.”

See this kid denounce the Muslim Brotherhood and the state of Egyptian politics in the video above.

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