13-Year-Old YouTube Makeup Guru Talia Joy Castellano Spends Final Days Surrounded By Family


13-year-old YouTube beauty guru Talia Joy Castellano is spending her final days surrounded by family and friends after enduring a six-year battle with cancer. In early March, Talia shared with her YouTube fans that her cancer was terminal and had spread to her right hip and skull. At the time, doctors informed Talia and her family that she only had a few more months to live.

In the video she states, “When I talk to people about the way I feel about death or my cancer, the way I talk is very explicit because I face reality. It’s not like I’m happy or something; it’s that I face reality and I’m truthful, but I believe that I can fight it and I believe that I can beat the crap out of cancer.”

Talia’s family has kept fans updated about Talia’s condition through her Facebook page Pray for Talia and recently shared this intimate moment:

“Talia woke up again and asked for more to drink. Her family and friends in the room started showing her the packages and fan mail again. After a few minutes, Talia paused. She looked around the room and said ‘I could cry right now…’ Her Mom got up real close to her and said ‘What’s wrong baby?.. Don’t cry..’ And Talia said ‘I’m just so grateful… I’m so grateful for you guys…’ Her family said that “This all melted our hearts.”


Unable to visit Talia in the hospital, her fans have taken to Instagram and Twitter to share their thoughts and prayers under the hashtag #prayfortalia. Talia is not the first content creator to take to YouTube in their final days of terminal cancer; musician Zach Sobiech, who immortalized his memory on YouTube with his song “Clouds,” passed away at 18 years old on May 20, 2013.

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