3 Things Aspiring YouTubers Can Learn From Destorm Power’s Forbes Interview

“How do I get more people to watch my channel?” It’s the million-dollar question every creator has been asked or is asking themselves right now. It doesn’t really matter if you want to make a career out of YouTube or not; chances are that you want as many people as possible to watch your videos.

Great, we’ll take money out of the equation and focus on one simple question: “How do I get more people to watch my channel?” Honestly, there isn’t one formula to follow for bonafide YouTube success. Like any passion play, turning YouTube into a career is a combination of (pardon the cliché) luck and perseverance.

There are signposts, however. Take the recent Forbes article featuring YouTube musician Destorm Power for example. In the article simply titled “How To Make Money On YouTube: Destorm Power’s Story,” the veteran creator breaks down in the simplest way possible how to start a career on YouTube.

Here’s what we learned:

Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate


It’s simple advice that you’ve heard a million time, I know, but in Destorm’s hands this bit of advice becomes a gem. “So I waited till I got 5 to 10,000, then I’d find somebody else with 5 to 10,000,” Destorm tells Forbes. This method of collaborating with creators who have similar subscriber numbers taps into one fundamental business truth — always move vertically.

Unless they make a habit out of helping small creators, most YouTubers probably want a mutually beneficial relationship. When collaborating, find creators you can share an audience with. Someone with millions of subscribers is probably (1) very busy and (2) not in desperate need for your 500 subscribers. Instead, focus on someone who has similar subscriber numbers that you can both share.

Develop a Network


Speaking on his relationship with multi-channel network Big Frame, Destorm explained that the entire company works as one cohesive unit. Having around 300 Big Frame partners means that videos are shared, tweeted and favorited hundreds of times.

You may not be part of a YouTube network like Big Frame, but that doesn’t mean you are alone; all across the web unsigned creators are meeting in forums and boards sharing their advice and support. These are people you can work with and people who would most likely be happy to help.

Figure Out What People Are Searching For


This is a contentious idea, but it is a necessity for YouTube creators. With anything on the web, search results are going to be one of your major traffic drivers. “… I would try to find something I knew that people were searching for on Youtube, so I could drive all the eyeballs in that direction,” Destorm explains.

Sure, you can stick to your all-goat-themed stand-up comedy routine, but very few people are currently searching for that exact genre at this moment. Instead, try your hand at something slightly more in the current cultural zeitgeist. Remember that you picked YouTube; this is a platform that rewards those willing to create content around popular search results.