UPDATED: 30-Year-Old Woman Throws A Temper Tantrum: ‘Why Won’t You Take Me To The Lake?’ [VIDEO]

UPDATE 07/21/13 11:41 AM PST: So the couple pulled the video offline, but we’ve found another copy of it. Hehehehe, stupid people. You can’t post something to the web and make it disappear forever. I learned that with my “To Catch A Predator” footage.

I just had an epiphany watching this video — my entire generation is just as whiny and entitled as the generation below me. I know this, because when I saw this video, I was totally like, “Yeah, why won’t you take her out on the lake, James?!”

I know exactly how come this video won’t end up in a divorce. I throw temper tantrums like this all the time, complete with leg-kicking and claims that my wife “doesn’t really love me.” Usually it’s because she won’t let me have an affair, but sometimes it’s because I want to go to that Mongolian BBQ that is also a Chinese buffet. If she posted a video like this online, I think I would first throw a tantrum about it, then sulk, then start checking to see how many views I was getting. Ah, we truly are a pathetic lot; I can see why the terrorists hate us.

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