4chan Bullies Fitness Guru Scooby Off YouTube With Doxxing and Threats [VIDEO]

The dichotomy of 4chan is absolutely fascinating. On the one hand, there are pictures of naked guys all over, with posts asking for other guys to rate their p*nises or begging for gay hookups. On the other hand, “fa**ot” is one of the two most common words on 4chan, and there is definitely a strongly homophobic arc to many of the posts that appear in the /b/random thread. Couple that with the hacker know-how that is “doxxing” and you’ve got an ability for cruelty.

YouTuber Scooby, who posted as Scooby1961, is considered by many to be the father of the YouTube fitness community. A long-time poster and supporter of free fitness, Scooby just uploaded his last video to YouTube after being harassed and outed by the 4chan community. Anonymous users on the site recently released private information about the fitness guru, including that he was a homosexual, as well as gave private information to his employers. If that wasn’t enough, allegedly a member of 4chan went to Scooby’s house and threatened his family. And so with a final video that only briefly mentions his problems, Scooby has said goodbye to YouTube and the public forum he hosted, along with shutting down much of his social media connections.

The sudden departure comes as a shock to many of Scooby’s adherents, who viewed the man as a “father-figure.” A final posting on his YouTube page reads:

Some unfortunate events which resulted from my 4chan doxing require that I maintain a much lower public profile for the safety of my family. The only way to communicate with me in the future will be thru my new website, all social media will be turned off … and unfortunately that includes the AskScooby forum 🙁

I thank all you loyal subscribers, I have always thought of you as family. If you have benefitted from my years of fitness advice, all I ask is that you pass it on. Take some young, awkward, kid with low self confidence and take them under your wing. Teach them about fitness, nutrition, and lifting. Teach them that fitness is a lifestyle, not a checkbox, and that the journey is just as important as the destination.

A few fellow YouTube-based strength trainers including Marc Lobliner and Chris Jones have also released video retorts reacting to the news, calling the 4chan users who allegedly harassed Scooby shameful for their actions.


Though Scooby has made himself unavailable for comment, he stated through his final video that he will relegate himself to a private website, making fitness videos for the over-40 crowd. It’s a sad ending to the story of a friendly soul who just wanted to bring out the best in everyone. Scooby will be missed.

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