5 Quick And Easy Steps To Make Your YouTube Channel Banner Art Stunningly Epic

By now, everyone should have the new layout for their YouTube channels. Whether you love it or loathe it, the new channel design seems to be sticking around for the long run. Or, at least until YouTube changes it again causing creators to literally explode with rage.

Since the new layout will be settling in for a while, we here at NMR decided to rehash YouTube’s updated channel art guidelines for all of you still sporting pitiful default banners. Also, if you are in a TL;DR kind of mood, you can check out a spiffy tutorial video courtesy of YouTube above.

Download the new Channel Art Specs here.

1. To accommodate for retina displays, YouTube suggest you upload a single 2560 X 1440 px image. In the case of non-retina displays, your image will be scaled to less than half of its original size with the same aspect ratios (“the proportional relationship between its width and its height”).


2. You channel banner image will be confined to a 2560 X 423 px bounding box (above), so make sure whatever you want displayed on your channel is within that space.

3. Keep in mind that your banner should be designed to scale on all devices including tablets and mobile phones.

4. The focus of your banner art should always reside within the designated safe area — 1546 X 432 px. This is the space that will always be displayed regardless of monitor or device size.

5. As always, think about the composition of your banner. In the new layout, social media buttons appear in the bottom right of your banner.

A few examples to consider when putting together your banner:

Possibly the best channel banner ever created, CID VELA embodies the sheer weirdness of their mega-bat-shit crazy chanel perfectly with this art.

You can’t beat a Toby Turner channel banner. It has zombies, wizards, swords, “Minecraft” and Segways; all things we can presume that Turner loves deeply.

Rooster Teeth are not screwing around with this one. In their banner, they literally tell you where to find a show schedule and where to buy merch — the two most important aspects of any YouTube channel. All business with this one.

YouTuber SatchBag is a graphic designer by trade and his channel theme and banner reflect it. Sticking with a consistent color palette throughout your channel will tie everything together. That sense of consistency starts with your channel banner since it’s at the top of the page.


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