7-Foot-Tall ‘30 Rock’ Star Carries YouTube Comedian Around New York In The Name Of Comedy [VIDEO]

In his most recent video, “Carried Like A Baby,” YouTube comedian Mark Malkoff proves that there are some things that can shock New Yorkers. In the video, Malkoff is strapped onto 7-foot-tall “30 Rock” star Grizz Chapman and carried around New York City like a baby.

“There were a lot of otherwise jaded New Yorkers that freaked out,” Malkoff shares with NMR. “Many took out their phones and started filming. Kids seemed to get a huge kick out it. My favorite were the reactions in the subway. Especially when Grizz held me for a second over the subway tracks which I had no idea was going to happen. The people in the subway were mostly tourists and were stunned.”

The video films one of many comedy challenges that Malkoff is undertaking in his new web series “The Mark Malkoff Challenge” that is being produced by My Damn Channel. Malkoff has become known for his outlandish comedy videos, which include such classics as him living in Ikea for a week, and sampling all 171 Starbucks in Manhattan in less than 24 hours.

“The best part of this challenge was seeing New York from a much higher perspective. I’m 5’7, but getting carried by Grizz made me nearly 6’4,” Malkoff says. “Plus it was fun seeing all the fun reactions on the street. The worst was that we filmed the video in February and it was freezing. In between takes I was shivering. Otherwise, it actually wasn’t uncomfortable for me being carried.”

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