UPDATED: America Is About to Get Angrier: Sheriffs Support Their Own in Viral DUI Checkpoint Video

UPDATE: 07/12/13 09:30 PST:

This 27-minute “full release” tape filmed from the dashboard of a police cruiser doesn’t do anything to change my opinion of the situation. While Kalbaugh did omit the “marijuana” portion, I do believe that the officer was full of shit about his “findings.” Compounding that theory is the moment in the tape when Deputy Ross states that Kalbaugh “refusing to answer questions about whether he had been drinking and filming him” were probable cause for detainment — point of fact, Ross never did ask Kalbaugh if he had been drinking, and Kalbaugh’s video reveals that the sheriff didn’t notice he was being filmed until he’d already begun searching the car.

Not to throw fuel on the “conspiracy fire” here, but what I’m fascinated about is why they shut the dashboard cam off when they did. I feel like the sheriffs were recorded shit-talking Kalbaugh after he left and prob said some pretty incendiary things … but we’ll probably never know.

Videos like this are a headache to cover …

I have resisted commenting on this now “super viral” video of a 4th of July DUI checkpoint stop made by Libertarian Party member Chris Kalbaugh, but it has continued to linger in the public’s interest (damn NSA crap, making everybody super suspicious of government), and so I am compelled to commit it to record. But it will probably get me some hate mail from both sides.

See a video like this one, in which Kalbaugh, a student at Middle Tennessee State University, drives around looking to make a statement pisses me off. It’s reminiscent of the ACORN scandal video made by James O’Keefe in that it perpetuates ill will and allegedly presents a not-entirely-clear version of the facts.

According to releases made today, the Rutherford County Sheriff says he supports the actions of Deputy A.J. Ross in his handling of the situation. According to what Ross claims, he found marijuana seeds in the backseat, footage that the “edited video” does not show. Further, Kalbaugh refuses to release the entire unedited version of the tape to the police department. So that’s kind of shady. Add to the fact that Kilbaugh strikes me as a fussy pissant who just wants to waste people’s time in order to make fussy, niggling points.

And yet, I think the cop is lying.

I don’t believe he found marijuana seeds or any other evidence. I think that if he had a legitimate opportunity to swat a pissant punk like this, he would have. Kilbaugh asserts that he never had any sort of “illegal drugs” in the car and considering that the Sheriff’s department let Kilbaugh off, I’m inclined to believe him. This sounds to me like a cop who is trying to cover his tracks to avoid the hot poker of the ACLU. We’ll find out more as the facts continue to emerge, because evidently this is a conversation that America really wants to have. So be it.

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