Are All European Countries in the European Union? C.G.P. Grey Explains In Latest Viral Video

C.G.P. Grey is to geography and politics as AsapSCIENCE is to science. He uses his YouTube channel to break down the most complicated geopolitical entities and issues of the moment. He has helped YouTube viewers understand the difference between the Netherlands and Holland and the difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England.

The YouTuber is trying to simplify a bigger beast in his latest soon-to-be viral video — the European Union. The EU is a 28-member bloc of countries in Europe that share common policies such as free movement of people, taxation and regulation.

However, C.G.P. Grey explains in his video that there’s more to it than just a group of countries. Some of the more interesting things discussed in the video is that not every European country is a member of the EU, and some non-EU members are part of the Schengen zone, which is a group of EU and non-EU countries that have abolished passport controls at their borders.

See C.G.P. Grey explain the myriad of anomalies of the European Union in the video above.

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