As God As My Witness: Every Movie Reference From Every Simpsons Episode Seasons 1-5 [VIDEO]

For the fantastically fanatical Simpsons fan who also happens to love movies, the folks at NextMovie have created the ultimate supercut: every movie reference made by the Simpsons in seasons 1-5. And there are a whole shitload of them, almost 20 minutes of in-jokes.

The real delight comes from watching scenes that you had no idea where a reference to something bigger, and it just brings an added dimension of respect to the show. Sure The Simpsons might not have the cultural relevance of, say, the lake or Redskins tickets, but watching this supercut is a pretty damn good way to chew up a piece of a lazy, dog-dangling Friday afternoon.

For more Simpsons on the web, check out the following link:

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