Attorney Cusses Out Annoying Parents After School Board Meeting, Gets Fired, Goes Viral [VIDEO]

Attorney Chris Kirby used a few creative four-letter-words recently that ended up costing him his job with the school board, but at the time, man, it was probably worth it.

Kirby, who got into a heated exchange with several parents outside of a school board meeting, was videotaped telling the parents to essentially “fuck themselves,” and after one man appears to hide behind his video camera (gathering the delightfully amateurish footage we have of the event), Kirby challenges him several times to fight.

Terrified, another parent, the real world equivalent of Kyle’s mom from “South Park,” then shrilly informs Kirby that police are being called, and begins demanding into her cell phone that officers arrive at the scene immediately. Kirby declares that the woman is a “fat cunt” and that if he were married to her, he’d “blow his brains out.”

The exchange, which began during a controversial school board meeting involving (yawn) budget disclosure for a school district in East Ramapo, N.Y., initiated when Kirby apparently gave a sarcastic laugh after a comment by one of the parents. That sparked angry outbursts from other parents, who Kirby then continued to spar with in the parking lot after the meeting.

I hate to side with the “douche-y” attorney, who was fired from his position as the legal representative for the school board in the wake of this video going viral, but just watching how obnoxious these parents are, I can see why the man would blow his top. Of course, that’s never grounds for calling a woman “fat” — that’s just not a polite thing to do. As for the rest of it, I’ll let you decide.

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