Beauty Guru Talia Joy Castellano’s Top Five YouTube Videos Of All Time


13-year-old beauty guru Talia Joy Castellano died this morning after a six-year battle with cancer. In her final days, Talia and her family were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love they received from fans who had been inspired by Talia’s YouTube videos.

In 2011, Talia joined YouTube when she was 11-years-old and quickly filled her channel with makeup tutorials and personal vlogs candidly documenting her struggles with cancer. When she was first diagnosed, Talia’s family friend, a fellow cancer survivor, introduced her to makeup, and, from there, Talia’s love affair with beauty products began.

In just the short time she has been making video content, Talia has created a legacy for herself on YouTube and inspired millions of people with her passion for life. In Talia’s honor, NMR has curated her top five YouTube videos to pay tribute to the beauty guru whose brave battle against cancer has inspired millions of people around the world.

5. Her First Video

Talia’s first video documents her throwing down some sweet moves in a dance-off held at her elementary school. Surrounded by classmates chanting her name, Talia is the clear favorite of the group in her animal beanie and adorable dress.

4. Her Appearance On “The Ellen Show”

It was always a dream of hers to meet Ellen Degeneres, and in September 2012, the dream came true after Ellen invited the young beauty guru to appear on the show.  During her appearance, Ellen shared with Talia that CoverGirl had decided to make her an honorary CoverGirl and gifted her with a brand new makeup table and $20,000. Later in 2013, Talia’s YouTube fans created the hashtag #taliasbucketlist and set out to accomplish the rest of Talia’s dreams for her.

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