Beauty Guru Talia Joy Castellano’s Top Five YouTube Videos Of All Time

3. May Beauty Favorites

You can’t help but instantly fall in love with Talia in this video. Filmed right after she graduated from sixth grade, Talia instantly captures the hearts of her YouTube fans with her ear-to-ear grin and 100-mile-an-hour speech. The video is almost bittersweet, because it captures Talia a year ago when her biggest concern was the drama she might face going into middle school.

2. CoverGirl Makeup Tutorial

After being named an honorary CoverGirl while on “The Ellen Show” in 2011, Talia treated fans to an exclusive makeup video where she taught fans how to create a smokey “night look” from her favorite CoverGirl products. The video quickly went viral on YouTube and has become one of Talia’s most popular makeup tutorials on her channel.

1. Talia’s Last Video Upload

Talia filmed her final video from her hospital bed in late May. While anxious to get home after undergoing radiation treatment to help alleviate some of her pain, Talia still continued to smile throughout the last days of her illness. In her final months, Talia and her family updated friends through Facebook. They wrote numerous times how overwhelmed they were by all the well wishes and care packages sent to Talia while in the hospital.

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