Biddy The Hedgehog Becomes Instagram Star After Adorable Travel Photos Go Viral

Adventure is out there, and Biddy the hedgehog is on his way to find it. With 82,000 followers to call his own, Biddy has risen to Instagram stardom through his weekly travel photos that document his many trips around the United States.

Biddy travels alongside his parents, Toni DeWeese and Tom Unterseher, and at 8 ounces in weight, Biddy is the perfect compact travel companion. He recently traveled throughout Oregon and Washington but was unable to travel further south due to hedgehogs being illegal in California.

His owners are still in shock over the popularity of their prickly pet’s Instagram but are determined to keep uploading photos of Biddy’s new adventures each week. “We thought we’d get, like, 500 followers,” DeWeese commented to The Oregonian. “I think now we go outdoors a lot more. We did go out a lot before, but now we feel like we have to every week because everyone’s expecting an adventure.”

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