Billionaire Koch Brothers Post Video Saying People Who Earn $34K-Plus Are Part of the ‘One Percent’

Do you earn more than $34,000 or more per year? Congratulations! You are part of the wealthiest one percent — in the world.

While a salary of $34,000 may not keep up with living expenses for a family of four in the United States according to a survey by the Economic Policy Institute, conservative-libertarian darlings the Koch Brothers are spinning it to support their laissez-faire economic agenda in its video “Economic Freedom in 60 Seconds.”

The ad, which is currently being broadcast in their hometown of Wichita, Kansas, and on YouTube, focuses on how countries with economic freedom have better quality of life, low unemployment and longer life expectancies. It is part of the Charles Koch Foundation’s campaign on getting rid of economic policies that benefit lower and middle-class Americans. Some of the policies that they want to see abolished is the minimum wage, which Charles Koch said is “creating a culture of dependency” and “reduces the mobility of labor.”

See “Economic Freedom in 60 Seconds” in the video above.

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