Book Review: ‘The Guild: The Official Companion’ Is A Fitting Memento For Diehard Fans

When asked via Twitter if “The Guild” will be returning for a seventh season, show creator Felicia Day told fans: “Thank you for all of the wonderful comments on the Guild s6 finale, all. We will see what the future holds.” It’s a fairly enigmatic response from a creator whose career has been very much defined by lifting the curtain of stardom and showing the intricate, often messy details of day-to-day life.


The final episode of season 6, which blog Ninja Lounge House points out ends with Day’s character Codex signing off with: “So, it’s Friday night. No longer jobless, yay!” — a callback to the first scene of episode 1 in which Codex miserably proclaims, “So, it’s Friday night, and… Still jobless, yay…” has left many wondering about the future of this much beloved series.

If Day’s semi-cryptic response on Twitter and the utter feeling of finality echoed throughout season 6 weren’t a clear enough beacon that “The Guild” is over, then surely the release of “The Guild: The Official Companion” set that beacon on fire and waved it overhead.


For many, “The Guild” was an introduction to the world of digital video series. Airing in 2007, Codex, Vork (Jeff Lewis) and the rest of the titular Guild grew from anti-social compulsive gamers to functional adults over the course of six years, a journey shared by many of the shows viewers who began watching as young adults themselves.

To that point, “The Guild: The Official Companion” from Titan Books is a meticulously detailed collection of all things “The Guild,” a final memento from a show that helped define thousands of lives; a yearbook that peeks behind the set and connects us further to its cast and crew.


It’s all here: bios on the cast, full-color photos, behind-the-scenes stories and just about every piece of “The Guild” trivia one could ask for. And while all of this makes up one hell of a comprehensive companion, “The Guild: The Official Companion” acts chiefly as a means to not fully say goodbye to the series.

The potential that “The Guild” won’t be returning for a seventh season hurts, we know, but hopefully “The Guild: The Official Companion” will help ease the pain.


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