Bottle Rocket In the Ass? The 5 Most Hilarious Firework Fails [VIDEOS]

2. Hillbilly Makes His Own Homemade Firework

This video would be my absolute favorite if I could be convinced it was real. I feel like it isn’t, but it is enormous fun nonetheless, with the “Duelling Banjos” theme playing this rube along. What happens is exactly what you want to happen, complete with the man’s face being blackened by the gunpowder. If it is fake, it is a delightful fake and well worth the No. 2 spot on a glorious list such as this.

1. “Motherfucking Bootleg Fireworks”

In what is easily the greatest of all firework “fail” videos, the cameraman screams “Jesus” or some variation of it 12-and-a-half times in this one minute-long subtitled video that has been viewed over 2 million times. To miss this video would be to do yourself the disservice of watching what is surely a contender for greatest video on the internet.

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