Celebrate The 4th Of July Early By Watching An Unmanned Russian Rocket Explode [VIDEOS]

We all have bad days, right? Sometimes we just need something to remind us that, shit, no matter how heavy it seems at the moment, it could be much worse. It’s the reason we watch shows about hoarders and child beauty pageants. Sure, much of it is consumed for entertainment value, but it would be a lie to say that we don’t also watch it to put our own lives in perspective.

And sometimes, when we need to disperse off that thick cloud of gloom shrouding us, literally nothing will do it better than … WATCHING MOTHERFUCKING ROCKETS EXPLODE.

Oh Russia, now, thanks to YouTube, the shame of your exploding unmanned Proton-M rocket will live on forever from multiple angles.

Better luck next time comrades. USA, USA, USA.

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