CineFix Gives The Famous ‘Star Wars’ Trench Run Scene The Homemade Treatment [VIDEO]

Is there a more iconic sci-fi movie scene than the Death Star trench run from “Star Wars?” That’s a rhetorical question because the answer is: “No, there is not.”

The folks over at YouTube channel CineFix are back with another addition of “Homemade Movies.” This time, the cardboard-infused treatment has been given to the famous trench run scene. Internet mover and shaker Chris Hardwick and comedian Jonah Ray star in the remake, which instantly takes it from “guy who collects comic books” to “guy who wrote an alternate ending to ‘The Matrix’ and is trying to show it to the cashier at Starbucks” on the geek credibility scale.

Check out the homemade version above and the “making of” below.