Ghosts in the Machine: CreepyPasta Narration Community Haunts YouTube [INTERVIEW]

What do you see the age range and typical fan of this genre as being like?

The range in age is CRAZY for this niche: 27 percent viewership from age 13 to 17, and the next highest is 45 to 54 with 20 percent, and about 40 percent of my viewers are female. I fall into the first category, as I am only 15, which really shows how anyone can get into this wonderful community. While viewership is up in these strange numbers, most of the active people who go to some readers meet-ups are in the 20-30 demographic, which is very interesting as I don’t see as many views from this age group. A lot of people in this community are actually very nice since there is a feeling of support from all others around you, unlike many other online communities.

Do you write your own work as well as perform it?

I have never done a video with a story that I have written; however I have met many of the writers along the way (i.e. SlimeBeast, writer of “Abandoned by Disney”). And in all of my videos I am the only performer, though I am very open to collaborations. I have actually been working on a script for a new series that I’ve wanted to start that breaks away from just narration, which will hopefully be existent in the near future.

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