‘Cubicle Guy’: Man Popping Up in Background of Anthony Weiner Speech Becomes Photobomb Celebrity [VIDEO]

So “Cubicle Guy” (not to be confused with the other “cubicle guy” memes of yesteryear) is on the horizon of being a sensation. The man, possibly WOR NYC reporter Jeff McKinney, pokes his head up groundhog-like several times in the background of a press conference hosted by New York City Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, disrupting the shot of at least one video news feed. And now with the video going viral, the internet is rewarding him for his performance, which includes at one point waving to the cameras like a schmuck.

If it truly is McKinney, who is a newsman himself, one would think that he would have more sensitivity for people popping into the background of shots, acting like idiots. But considering that he is disrupting the news conference of Anthony Weiner, a former congressman who resigned after a sexting scandal but won’t go away, maybe McKinney gets a little slack.

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