Dailymotion Launches Its Standalone Video Recording App For The iPhone


French-based video sharing site Dailymotion has launched its standalone smartphone video recording app for iPhone users, the company announced today.

The Dailymotion Caméra app takes cues from competitors like YouTube’s Capture App and Instagram’s recently added video feature. Users can start by pressing the camera button, which records an unlimited length of footage. They can also shoot multiple amounts of footage for editing into a single video.

Much like Instagram’s video feature, the Dailymotion Caméra app has 25 filters to choose from and also full-scale color and brightness adjustments. The app also features editing tools where users can seamlessly trim, sequence and organize different videos into a final cut.

Roland Hamilton, Dailymotion’s U.S. managing director, said in a statement: “Dailymotion’s IT and Mobile Team has created its first proprietary tool to empower our users to capture, edit and share videos with their iPhones. Complimenting our robust and diverse offering of viewing apps, we’re thrilled to expand our mobile presence and bring our first venture into mobile video recording to the iOS audience.”

The new app is part of a few changes taking place on the video sharing site in the past year. This week, Orange, Dailymotion’s parent company, invested nearly $40 million towards the video sharing site’s expansion into other countries.

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