Damn My Eyes! The 12 Biggest Fails of San Diego Comic-Con Costumes [GALLERY]

It wouldn’t be very much fun to list the 12 best costumes at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con without listing the 12 “total fails” in a companion list.

For every fierce, fit or capable creator of costumed awesomeness, there are a few dozen that fall short. Like really, really short. Look, maybe you didn’t work out as hard as you meant to, maybe you didn’t use as much scotch tape as you needed, whatever. The bottom line is that these people have ended up marked with the distinction of being some of the absolute worst-dressed folk to stand in really long lines for food, autographs or toilets this year. The only crime worse than ending up on the total fail list is being too douchey to dress up at all … and maybe infanticide.

You’ve got to remember: if you’re going to dress up as a common character, you’re going to be judged against everyone else who looks like you. If you didn’t put in the time or effort, believe me, you’re going up.

So internet, ready your shame wands for these woeful 12 who probably paid a lot of money to end up looking … well … umm, not great.