‘Dick Figures: The Movie’ Gets September Release Date After Raising $300,000 Last Year

It’s either good news or bad news depending on who you’re asking, but animated YouTube series “Dick Figures” is prepping to release as a film very soon. Launching one year after a successful $313,411 Kickstarter campaign, the movie is predicted to release September 17, 2013 through YouTube and possibly third-party platforms.

For those of you tragically unaware, “Dick Figures” is a show about two stick figure best friends, a talking raccoon and, shockingly, tons of dick jokes. Consider “Dick Figures” like “South Park’s” Terrance and Phillip, only with the ultra-offensive volume turned down a bit.

The film’s Kickstarter far exceeded its original asking price of $250,000 back in 2012, and the cast and crew of “Dick Figures” have been incredibly consistent with updates since. To mark the successful Kickstarter campaign’s first anniversary, a “Dick Figures” movie poster was released with the message: “Thanks for all your support over the last year and for being the most awesome fans in the universe.”


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