Digg Founder Hurls A Raccoon To Save His Dog, Angers Animal Rights Crowd [VIDEO]

I sometimes try and wonder the logical conclusion of a movement’s trajectory, but I usually wind up unsettled and with an ice pack resting on my head. Take for instance the animal rights people — what do they do if they get everything they want? If all animals one day have the same treatment as people, what happens after that? I doubt PETA and co. would just disband … rather, I think that they will become a cult, slavishly devoted to “letting nature take its course.” Dingo eating your baby? That’s nature at its finest — let the wild dog finish its meal. Maybe bring it some water or a hearty Zinfandel (pairs good with meat) …

This video of Digg founder Kevin Rose hurling a raccoon down a flight of stairs is catching a lot of views, over 5.2 million so far, and many of the comments are focusing on whether Rose should have hurt the “poor raccoon.” Never mind that he does it, frantically, to save his dog, Toaster, who is being attacked.

Toaster winds up being fine. Likely, so does the raccoon. But I get the feeling PETA wishes that Kevin had been the one going down the stairs.

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