Diver Is Almost Swallowed By Whale, Proves Giant Mammals Are Not To Be Trusted [VIDEO]

Here is a lesson for the day: Whales are not to be fucked with. Nobody knows this better than diver Shawn Stamback who was almost swallowed by a giant death machine also known as a humpback whale.

Diving off the Central California Coast (we call it “Whale Danger Zone” here), Stamback can be seen in the above video literally almost getting gobbled up “Sharknado” style, except instead of a tornado full of sharks, it’s a friendly/deadly whale.

If Stamback were less lucky and in fact swallowed whole, he would have joined past whale meals Pinocchio, Jonah and James Bartley who was swallowed by a whale in 1891 near the Falkland Islands.


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