Dove Survey: More Than 40 Percent of Women Digitally Enhance Photos Before Posting on Internet

Social pressures to look beautiful have prompted more than 4 in 10 women to enhance photographs of themselves before sharing them on the internet.

That’s one of the many findings in a survey commissioned by Dove, the brand known for it’s “Campaign for Real Beauty” stunts like its “Real Beauty Sketches” video that went viral in April.

The internet’s obsession with “selfies,” especially those of attractive celebrities, has added pressure on women to maintain a perfect online image throughout Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media networks. Three-quarters of women surveyed said that photos of themselves made them look “ugly” or “fat.”

Survey authors also pointed out that pressures to look good has prompted 9 out of 10 women in the United Kingdom claim they are “camera shy.” Around 77 percent of women surveyed said that taking a photo and posting it on social media makes them more anxious than public speaking or a job interview, and 46 percent have de-tagged or removed a photo of themselves online.


A Dove spokesman told the Daily Mail that women are so self-critical of their appearance that it could impact their self-esteem and happiness: ‘This study shows that women are their own worst beauty critics and their anxiety in front of the camera is causing them to miss out on capturing important moments in their lives. We want to inspire women to reconsider their beauty and recognize that they are more beautiful than they think. We believe that encouraging women and the next generation to develop a positive relationship with beauty can help raise their self-esteem and thereby help them reach their full potential.”

The survey comes after Dove released its short follow-up to its viral “Real Beauty Sketches” last week titled “Camera Shy,” which features women trying to run away from the camera, covering their faces out of embarrassment. You can see the commercial in the video above.

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