Engaged Couple Billy & Pat Answer Questions on YouTube About Gay Weddings As They Plan Their Own [INTERVIEW]

What have been some of the best parts of being an engaged couple?

Pat: Lots of family love. Lots of attention in a loving way from family and friends, whether they are married or engaged, that has been really nice to bond with people in that way especially those friends who are married or engaged. We have a lot of friends around us who either were recently married or are getting married this year, so it’s fun to be in the mix with everybody else as well going into that new life stage.

Billy: I think the best part of being engaged, especially as a gay couple, I find that it’s the surprises that happen like the really good surprises with family and friends. Recently I was sitting at the dinner table with my family, with Pat, and my grandma was there. And she was someone I was never sure how she was going to see everything and how she far she would go with the interaction of talking about our wedding, and it turns out she had the most things to say about it in a good way. She wanted to know if we were going to do certain things and certain traditions in my heritage that aren’t necessarily religious, but she brings things up and she’s like, “Are you going to do this?” And I was like, “ I don’t even know what that is. Let’s talk about it.” And she’d talk about it, and I was like, my grandma is actually really interested in what this wedding is going to be like and that makes me excited. The fun part of being engaged is the surprise of people who this piques their interest and they want to be involved.

How are the wedding plans going so far?

Pat: They’re going really well! We’re about five months away from the big day now. We have the venue secured. We were like really happy with the caterer that I think we’re going to use. We’re not too concerned about the details of everything. It has been fun. Now I think we’re in the like financial woes; you go from the planning phase to actually getting estimates and seeing price tags on things, and you’re like, “Oh. This is very expensive.” Sort of the reality of paying for all the things that go into having a wedding, but it’s been really fun.

What has this entire experience been like?

Pat: I mean we always hoped that people would find our videos on YouTube and find them exciting and engaging but we really started doing them as a place for us and people who we knew, and I’m just so excited to see how quickly people, especially other younger gay people, have been responding to them and leaving us comments, and we get like really wonderful comments and tweets from young people all over the globe sort of saying thanks for showing us your relationship and showing us how you can find love and get married and being more and more accepted, and I think that is really positive for us and kind of keeps us going.

Do you think you’ll continue vlogging after your wedding?

Billy: Planning on it, yeah. I think the next few months while we’re doing them there have been a lot of questions from viewers about things that we’re like, “We can save these for after the wedding,” more personal things that relate to non-relating wedding subject matter.

 Pat: Yeah, as we open up about our relationship, people also want to know about us in general, so we’re talking about how to continue making videos that interest us but also interest the viewers who are watching at the same time. It will be a fun sort of adventure into married life and into creating new content for YouTube.

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