Evil Photo Booth Prank Is A Contender For Best Prank On the Internet [VIDEO]

With this prank, the folks from BlackBoxTV have outdone themselves — and possibly every other pranker out there.

See, a truly brilliant prank emerges from the sweet little details. In this one, it is the simple inclusion of a chain-link fence and the phrase “Do you want to die?” screamed over and over again that elevates this normally rote prank into something sublime.

They get bonus points because they scare the holy effin’ shit out of some weird loner who apparently only went in the booth to smoke his e-cigarette. E-cigarette smokers are more annoying than born-again Christians. “What?! It’s only water vapor — I can smoke it wherever I want.” Buncha goddamn whiny quitters.

Here are some challengers for most evil prank online:

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