Facebook Comment About Shooting School Kids Could Land Teen in Jail For 8 Years


“We take jokes very seriously.”

That’s the sign at the airport relating to assholes making quips about having bombs in their suitcases — apparently now it is stamped on Texas as well.

A 19-year-old Texas teen, Justin Carter, has been in jail since March 27th, charged with making “terrorist threats” after a snide comment on Facebook got the attention of local police. Now he’s looking at the very real threat of an 8-year prison sentence.

Apparently started in a “League of Legends” forum, the argument broke out and continued onto Facebook, at which point a commenter called Carter “sick in the head.” He responded with a comment akin to “Oh yeah, I’m real messed up in the head, I’m going to go shoot up a school full of kids and eat their still-beating hearts.” He added “LOL” and “J/K” right after, but the cops who got ahold of the transcript didn’t view it that way. And now Carter sits in jail, unable to make the $500,000 bail.

“What I said was terrible, mean and downright stupid,” Carter wrote in a jailhouse letter to the judge. “The misunderstanding was that I wasn’t trying to scare anyone, I was trying to be witty and sarcastic,” Carter wrote. “I failed and I was arrested.”

40,000 supporters have now signed a petition seeking to get Carter released, but after the mass of school shootings in recent years, the police aren’t interested.

“It’s the job of the courts to decide whether to indict and to determine someone’s guilt or innocence. Our job is to obtain the evidence and submit a complaint,” said Lt. John Wells, an officer involved with the investigation.

This is why I follow the old rule: If you’re going to threaten to kill anyone, threaten to kill hookers.

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