Facebook Rolls Out Graph Search to US English Users


Facebook announced that its advanced search feature Graph Search will be rolled out to hundreds of millions of the social network’s users starting this week.

Users who have their language settings to US English will be automatically updated to the Graph Search. Graph Search lets users search for content, photos and recommended places based on user history. For instance, if a user searched for photos from a previous vacation on Graph Search, it would pop up those vacation photos from the user and other photos he was tagged. The Graph Search can also act like a Yelp-like service where users can find recommendations for restaurants, stores and more based on Facebook friends’ previous experiences.

If users don’t want certain parts of their user history available on Graph Search, they should update their privacy settings to control which content they want to share and to whom they want to share their content with.

Facebook launched its beta version of Graph Search earlier this year to select users. During the press conference promoting Graph Search back in January, Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg insisted that it wasn’t a web search but rather “graphing our part of the web.”

A mobile version of Graph Search will be released at a later date.

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