Famous Hacker Abruptly Dies Days Before He Was Set To Demonstrate Pacemaker Hack


Controversial, well-known hacker Barnaby Jack died under mysterious circumstances in San Francisco, California on Thursday one week before he was set to appear at a Black Hat hacking convention. At the convention, also held in San Francisco, Jack was scheduled to display a security vulnerability that allowed malevolent hackers to access implanted heart devices and kill a person from 30 feet away.

Reuters reports that Jack gained notoriety among the hacking community after demonstrating a hack which forced ATMs to dispense cash.

The heart transplant demonstration was just one of Jack’s many digital security hacks which often focused on exposing bugs in medical equipment and ATMs. The internet security community sent an outpour of messages about Jack via Twitter after news of his death surfaced.

Hack01 Hack02 Hack03

No details have surfaced about Jack’s death according to the San Francisco Medical Examiner’s office.


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