Fan Runs Alongside Pro Soccer Team’s Bus For Five Miles, Team Brings Him Aboard [VIDEO]

Usually, this is Carly’s domain, but since she is on assignment today, it has fallen to me to warm your hearts. And this video is certainly in contention for most heartwarming YouTube story of the year.

The UK soccer team Arsenal (of course, they call it football over there) was travelling through Vietnam recently when they noticed several fans excitedly running beside the bus. One by one, the fans dropped off, exhausted as the bus journeyed on to its hotel destination, but one fan kept pace — for five miles.

Impressed, the team began cheering him on and eventually welcomed him aboard to hang out. And the guy’s delight at it all, well, it just gets you right in the feels.

I can’t imagine driving after a team bus for five miles, let alone running five miles in any capacity, so this guy has enough heart for all of us. He’s sort of the Vietnamese version of Forrest Gump, only with a much worse taste in sports teams. If you’re not a Manc, you’re a wank!

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